Yoga, meditation, and Yoga Nidra Course  | Bringing the light


7:30 - 9:00 PM

January 7th to March 24th

SUNDAYs (optional)

1:30 - 4:00 PM

January 12th

February 16th

March 15th

This 10-week series offered by Amie Heeter is focused on yoga and the sacred, a theme meant to open that interface with the mystery, that place where we feel in touch with that which is beyond the senses yet accessed uniquely through them. This is the heart of tantra yoga as a method that invokes our light – where we feel that presence of our sacred Selves – and the tools for grounding it into our everyday, becoming more embodied with, whole, and welcoming of this consciousness on and off the mat. This course features mantra and chanting, pranayama, the subtle practices of mudra and bandha, and how to summon the sublime through meditation and yoga nidra. This series can be taken a la carte as well, pay as you go including the Sunday sessions, but the arc is encouraged for the full impact.


Continuing  studies Yoga course 

the Study of PRANA, Agni & ayurveda

 10 weeks THURSDAYS | 6:00 - 8:00 PM

March 12th - April 14th 

$350 |includes all classes, individual session, audio recordings, & c30-day dedicated meditation

Taught by Amie Heeter, in this in depth series we study PRANA- loosely translated as "life force"- and why it is a key factor towards developing supreme health and vitality in addition to being a primary pathway of Tantric Hatha Yoga to harness inner connection and outer fulfillment. We look to the wisdom of Tantra and Ayurveda to develop a relationship and understanding of this subtle energy and how to effectively cultivate and contain our vital reserves to enhance physical health, mental clarity, and emotional resilience through yoga practice, meditation, and lifestyle choices. The course consists of weekly Thursday classes that incorporate relevant content and yogic practices, monthly Saturday intensives to present content, engage group discussion, and a full spectrum practice; as well as supplemental audio recordings to support your learning. Learn more at www.amieheeter.com