Autumn Bonner     

Autumn became a student of yoga in 2004 to overcome a shoulder injury and has felt the power of the practice in her life ever since. Her playful instruction and careful focus on both inner radiance and outer alignment creates a nourishing class for all levels: “In yoga, we teach ourselves to connect with the breath, to hug our muscles in without clinging, and move with the attitude of self-love and non-attachment to the result.”

Autumn is honored to have studied with local yoga instructors Iris Mickey and Barbara Flesch, as well as nationally renowned yoga instructors Todd Norian and Ann Greene. In her free time, Autumn loves to play outside in any way she can - among her passions are rock climbing, slack lining, and nordic skiing.

Katie discovered a passion for Hatha Yoga in her teens, and while attending UW--Madison took a course in Kundalini Yoga with African Dance, and fell in love with the rhythm of movement and breath. Her personal experiences inspired Katie to share the bounty of Kundalini Yoga with others, after completing her teacher training in 2005 with Guru Anand Kaur. Katie founded Lotus Roots Yoga to share the technology of Kundalini Yoga with people of all ages and abilities. She is the creator of Yoga Sprouts! Child & Caregiver Yoga Adventures and author of Yoga Sprouts.  Katie also teaches prenatal yoga, Laya yoga and meditation, and has experience working with a variety of groups. Katie brings a gentle and sincere approach to teaching and encourages each student to listen to their own breath and go at their own pace.  She reminds us that it is yoga practice not yoga perfect! 

     Katie Muschlewski    

     Steve Brick   

Steve started practicing yoga in the 1970's to balance his running.  In 2009, he was introduced to Anusara Yoga, a style based on strong principles of biomechanical alignment, fell in love with the Anusara approach, and decided to become a teacher. In Steve's classes, he teaches students to perform yoga poses with proper alignment - to maximize the health benefit and minimize the chance of injury.  He enjoys working with beginners to help set a foundation for sustainable, fun fitness.  

For 30 years, Steve has worked in the energy and environmental field, in a wide variety of capacities including public policy, research, and advocacy.  In addition to yoga, Steve enjoys running, cycling, kayaking, and hiking.