Many of our experienced instructors offer individual instruction - including Therapeutic Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Ayruveda, and massage therapy - offering a wide-spectrum of services to support your interests. Rates and availability vary with each instructor, and are provided in our private studio furnished with warm colors, natural light, and space to personalize your approach to yoga, self care, and other contemplative practices.


Amie Heeter


Amie Heeter offers individual instruction and advanced studies courses for those interested in exploring ParaYoga, meditation,  Yoga Nidra, and other restorative practices. 


Iris Mickey

Iris Mickey provides specialized 1-on-1 Yoga Therapy sessions and massage therapy, supporting students living with a chronic condition or recovering from injury. Iris is committed to making yoga accessible for all.


Kristin Sage

Kristin Sage offers a practical approach to understanding yoga, and the unique fit of the yoga techniques for each body - regardless of strength or mobility. An Alignment Yoga trained teacher, Kristin provides insight into basic principals to build a sustainable practice from those just  beginning to those developing an ongoing practice.

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Jill Johnson


Jill Johnson is a physical therapist and certified Iyengar instructor. She provides private sessions that focus on restoring inner and outer balance or alignment, and has worked conditions with including back and hip pain, scoliosis, stenosis, shoulder issues, sacroiliac dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and pelvic floor weakness. 


Raka Bandyo


Raka Bandyo offers Ayurvedic Assestment for balancing body, mind, and spirit through diet and lifestyle evaluation and coaching, Tarot and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) readings, as well as private instruction in classical Indian dance.

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Sara Arscott

Sara is a nutritionist, yoga, meditation, and holistic well-being guide offering 1-on-1 coaching that weaves modern science and ancient wisdom to help you navigate your unique pathway to wholeness. She will help you tune into what is important to YOU, take practical steps to improve your health so you can thrive, and support your motivation with simple, affirming guidance.